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I really hate change (I really really want to stay here) so I am going to try one other way to elicit any type of response of any Auctiva Management Folks. Rebecca while I appreciate you being our spokesperson (it would have been nice if someone in Auctiva had told us that) you are not management

Below is the one change (feel free to add more :-) ) I beseech you to consider

if you could allow the Closed Folder to update the various Profiles, as currently can be done with the Saved Folder, and also allow bulk updating of the Sellers Detail information. You would have some happy customers. Heck I'd pay an extra dollar or two a month if this change were instituted. Having to individually change each listing is tedious at best. Especially when the foundation for the suggestion already exists and is waiting to be gleaned

if those 2 things were done the eBay folk would be a lot happier because most mandated eBay changes seem to come in the above areas

if you're in a real happy mood you could throw in a radio-button/check-box to allow folks to always use the most current Sellers Details and Profiles for ReList; Bulk ReList; Edit and ReList, etc. from the Closed Folder.

Heck if you can add the option to always use the most current Seller Details and Profiles the first 2 suggestions aren't even needed. The Checkbox option would take a very small amount of time maybe an hours or 2

At Bulk ReList time either default to or allow via Checkbox the Sellers Detail information to be accessed, as it currently is today when the "Edit Closed Listing" Option is clicked. This would allow us to easily change one of the four portions of the Sellers Details (Shipping, Terms; About Us; and Payment) and at Re-listing time simply do a Bulk ReList on the items. Currently we have to "Edit Closed Listing" scroll to the bottom and press either Post or Schedule Post. To some this may sound like an insignificant amount of time. Some users however do not have broadband speeds and also I have heard the system can be slow sometimes. In addition if you also expanded this to include the Profile info that would be another great time saver. A by product of doing that might be that folks would stop complaining about how slow everything is. I was sad to see none bothered to address my earlier post about what might be causing the slowness. perhaps no one at home office can read English

Have you not heard that "Time is Money"

If what I ask cannot be accomplished within my timeframe + or - 400%. [=====> That would mean that my 1 or 2 hour estimate was really more like 4 or 8 hours, still a tiny fraction of what the dam New Pages have/will cost. Don't try and snow me as you have no idea of my background (e.g. as your "cascading hardware failure" explanation has more holes than Swiss Cheese in it). Also please realize I am talking programmer (remember if you have read anything I have written I dislike the word technician) time not "paper-work" and Process (e.g. SDLC; etc.) time. If your programmers say it can't be done in that time it will not be a reflection on those Programmers rather it will be a reflection on the design of the system. It has taken me longer to compose and send this unusual request than it should take your top programmers to accomplish this task. However; if they still tell you its more than "30 minutes" ask them why and they will tell you "... It is because of the design of the system, .... its not that simple" ; believe them its not. or else maybe others are correct and the programmers speak a different language than management does. Heck management speaks a different language that the folks that pay their salaries speak

A well designed system (that's why some were so upset with the "NEW SAVE PAGE" (which is really a complete redesign of the entire Site) because if a tenth of the time was taken to look at all the well thought out modifications submitted by people long, before I arrived, and yes also my attempts since I arrived you would be one of the preeminent Listing Sites in the e-Commerce world.. Coming from the Original school of Systems Development I tend to over think and over research things I send. So the first two groups of suggestions, I tried to suggest (a year ago), represented close to 25 hours of my time. That 25 hours, I had hoped would be an investment in something that would benefit all the eBay folks. Why ignore those folks that allowed you to develop your E-Commerce stores. I would bet no one would mind. I wouldn't but I would also expect communication (don't me me started again :-) LOL) acknowledging same and saying same

so an extra $1.00 or $2.00 from only 10 people would mean $120 to $240 and if that money does not pay for the programmers time (especially if its outsourced) than perhaps it is time we all leave

Some other thoughts to increase your revenue steam (you are interested in that aren't you)

1.. If Auctiva would comb through the various "Lists' of modifications (I do not say Enhancements on purpose. Enhancements indicate extras to some and these modifications are not extras.);
2.. ask for thoughtful submissions; arrange the list is the easiest things first
3.. divide the list into 2 or 3 sections.
4.. put an additional price on each of the tiered sections
4A.. first group of relatively straight forward changes = additional $5.00
4B.. second group $10.00 (it included the first tier as well) and it has almost all the rest of whatever list is provided
4C.. Depends on the size of the list and the complexity of the modification a third tier could be the $10.00 from 4B and $10.00 or so
additional and you get the platinum/Cadillac/Rolls-Royce/ETC package.

Sight unseen if all the above were done in good faith by both groups (again I hate sides because we're all on the same side I hope) I would commit to the additional $10.00 ++++> 4B above.

If they cannot simply:

1.. mimic the functions of a person opening a closed listing for edit and ReList
2.. do whatever functions are currently done, if a person had opened a closed listing for edit and ReList, to populate, from the Master Profile, he bottom portion of the Item description.
3.. continue on processing to list top eBay in the current way that is done.

than that is another sign the design is flawed and the time spent on the New Web Site design should have been spent on correctly (not masking with "pretty") the underpinnings of what you are charging money for

Or is the real truth that soon Auctiva will be incorporated with VENDIO? If that is the case than let's get it done now
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