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Over the past few weeks, our email import has not been working. At times we were unable to send out store emails to customers so Auctiva was manually sending them for us while the techs work on a solution.

Auctiva has created several new import lists in an attempt to resolve the issue that has been going on before black friday (NOv. 25th) however, when I send emails, I'm getting hate mail from customers who have previously opted out from receiving our are a few from today alone...

"I have now tried to remove myself from your stupid mailing list a dozen times. I will NEVER buy anything from you again. The fact that you send out mailers that you can not actually remove yourself from is unacceptable. I will be contacting ebay about this!" Their email address was imported after an ebay transaction so is why they refer to ebay.

Another email we got today "
STOP SENDING EMAILS = i have unsubscribed a number of times please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I can manually remove these customers emails from my list however, when auctive creates a new list in an attempt to resolve the issue, customers who have opted out get added to the new list and auctiva says there is no way to permanantly remove the address from being re-imported each time!

Its creating a horrible reflection of my company that I have worked so hard to build! In addition, auctiva is still charging me full price for a site I am only partially able to use. This has been going on for too long with almost zero help from Auctiva...they do not provide phone support and are too slow to get this resolved.

Has anyone else been experiencing issues with importing email lists or sending emails to customers?

Any suggestions on how I can fix this myself? Short of finding a new host which is extremely compelling! I know there will be site glitches and things that need to be worked on with any host....I just can not stand that there is no phone support...things take forever to get resolved and all my energy is spent this way and not on developing my store! So frustrating!
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