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two questions really if you will . . . . .

we've had some price changes from a supplier yesterday, the day after over 30 listings went live via auctiva . . . . can i use find and replace to alter the BIN price (they're all fixed PL's) or do i need to go into EB to change it?

i thought if i altered it in auctiva and saved it'd have to be posted again as a new listing ?

thanks in advance people .

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Hi Dave!

You are correct--the find & replace feature does not update current listings on eBay. However, they are fairly easy to edit on eBay from your "My eBay" page.

Go to your active listings section on your My eBay page and check the box next to each listing that you need to change the price of. Then hit the "edit" button at the bottom. The next page will let you choose what part of the listings to edit and they can be done at the same time.

Let me know if you need any more info on how to do that...good luck!


PS: you will want to use our "Find & Replace" feature to update your saved listing on Auctiva, so if you do relist them they'll be ready to go with the correct prices.

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