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I just joined Auctiva and did my first listing with it and I love it. But since Ebay Spain is not in the drop list it makes the listing hard, especially with the shipping and currency.

Is there anyway I can use Auctivas templates and free photo hosting and get the currency in Euro and get the right shipping options? Could I maybe first make the listing at ebay and then edit it in Auctiva?

Can I buy the Auctiva Insurance even I am in Spain? Any chance Auctiva will add "Ebay Spain" to the droplist?
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Hi Aigo,

Welcome to Auctiva! As you have already noticed, Auctiva cannot be used to post listings directly to eBay Spain and, while it iss unlikely we will support listing to eBay Spain in the future, there are still several ways you can benefit from using our service.

1) When you post your eBay Spain listings directly through eBay, as long as the scrolling gallery setting in enabled in your Auctiva account, the Auctiva scrolling gallery will automatically be appended to your listings within a few hours of when they are posted. As long as you use header or gallery images in your listings, the scrolling gallery will still work seamlessly in your eBay Spain listings.

2) Also, if you would like to use Auctiva's templates, image hosting, and other design features for your eBay Spain listings, that is a possibility as well. In order to accomplish this with a given listing, you would need to complete the "Item Details" section of your listing using Auctiva's lister page, and then save that listing. Then, you would go to your Auctiva "Saved Listings" page and click the "<HTML>" icon next to the item, and copy the description HTML that appears in the pop-up window. You would then proceed to eBay Spain to create your listing and, if you paste the copied HTML into the HTML version of the description editor, the listing will look exactly like the one you designed in Auctiva.

3) Auctiva Shipping Insurance can only cover items shipped from the United States or Canada so, since you are located in Spain, you would not be able to use this feature.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:

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