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In order to provide the best forum experience for our community, please be sure to read follow these forum policies. The primary purpose of the forums is for users to interact with each other, and with Auctiva.

1) Please be civil and avoid 'flaming' (e.g. rude, derogatory, or insulting comments) to other users or Auctiva and/or its employees. While you have the right to disagree with other community members and/or employees of Auctiva, we expect you to remain civil in your posts.

2) Keep all your posts strictly 'G' rated and do not post anything which is hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, vulgar, obscene or anything in violation of the law.

3) Avoid addressing posts to specific Auctiva employees or 'calling out' to employees in your posts. That employee may not be available and therefore may not see your post.

4) Do not use the forums as a substitute for filing a support case. Support is delivered via our support system and not on the forums. You can file a support case here:

5) Do not make posts that refer to, or contain links to, direct competitors of and/or it's affiliates. Such posts will be edited and/or removed. We strongly urge you not to click on links in any post not made by Auctiva employees.

6) Do not create multiple threads for the same topic. It is much easier to find things in the forums when posts on the same topic are all together in the same thread.

7) Please stay on topic. If you have a new topic, please start a new thread rather than adding your topic to a thread that deals with a different subject.

8) Do not "bump" threads. "Bumping" means posting a word or short statement for the sole purpose of making a thread appear at the top of the list. If you have an issue that needs attention, please contact our customer support team.

Please note that Auctiva reserves the right to remove posts that we deem to violate these policies without notice. Continued violations will result in the suspension and/or permanent removal of all forum posts made by the user. Auctiva may revise these forum policies at any time when needed.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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