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Everytime I list with auctiva I have the same problem, 9 I don't list that offten because of this. Every picture on my listing I uploaded to auctiva first. then I used Auctiva for my pictures. I checked Auc.. to error check & estimate eBay fee's all past ?????
I go to post then I get, Error (There is an image in your description that is located on your computer. To avoid this, insert all images using the image button of the description editor.) Now I never used a pic. that was not uploaded to Auctiva???? what is the error check for if it passes auctiva but not eBay?? and if Auctiva passed the test why not ebay??
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Hi ferret9994,

Since you are receiving this error message, it is indicative that your description HTML contains a path to an image file that is located on your local system. Assuming the image is located on your C drive, you should be able to find the offending image path by searching your description HTML for "C:"

One you have removed any and all paths to locations on your local system from your description HTML, you should be able to successfully post your listings without encountering this error.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:


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