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I was doing some new listings. 3 to be exact and posted them to eBay and that was fine.

While I was checking those 3 items on eBay for errors, Auctiva starts randomly posting 18 other items TWICE. That is 36 duplicate listings.
It would have posted them a 3rd time but it seems that the Auctiva system started to half way work and caught it and gave those last set of duplicates an API error for duplicate listings.

This has been witnessed, documented and reported by eBay as I got a rep on the phone immediately as I saw the first 18 duplicates and was scrambling to end them and then the second set of 18 posted. They also viewed the board here and Facebook to confirm the multiple and random issues that are and have been occurring.

This would have been 36 duplicate listing violations had I not been on eBay to catch it when it happened or on the phone with them when it did it the second time.

As it stands it cost me/used 36 listings.
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