I have a suggestion: How about a little "perk" for your loyal customers? I, like so many others, have been a faithful follower of Auctiva for over a year now and just went in to check on my renewal (which is up next month.) I noticed that there was a "special" of $119--but only through December 31st--and now the renewal price is $144! It has really gone up a lot since I first joined! How about bringing back that "special" of $119 for a little while longer -- it would be a nice way to compensate all of us for the grief we have had to endure lately (not to mention the constant fear of the dreaded "Auction Sniper/Money Mover" box automatically inserting itself into our auctions and causing warnings/suspensions from E-Bay.) How about it, Auctiva............can you, will you do it????
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I thought so! Let's see if anyone else does or, more importantly, if Auctiva does! Keep your fingers crossed!
to get a perk for bringing new people on board! I have three that I know of. If I can KEEP them here! Cool

$144.......that's an icky thought!

Janonymous Eek
...how about a "finder's fee" of one month free to whoever is responsible for bringing in a new sign-up??? Smile
I have been an ebud customer since before they charged for it. I still have until May before I have to repurchase it. It was originally free. Then they charged me a one time fee of $39.95. I think if anybody deserves a break it is those of us ORIGINAL CUSTOMERS that are still around. Miles, please keep us in mind.
Change the web page to show the "special" price is still in effect. Perhaps you'll get a few NEW customers too.
i only have about 200 days left, so i was really worrying. Big Grin

jan<------it's friday and i'm tired and i need to put up auctions? anybody else? Razz
One of our web programmers just got married and is still gone for another week. Of course we could do it but we're already super busy keeping up other things without him.

Holy Cow......how long do you guys give for a honeymoon, anyway? Or did he run off to Bora Bora rather than face the Service Box again ? Big Grin

anon. Wink

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