Dear Forum Members,

I am encountering a small problem listing new products with a custom template on Auctiva.

I have created a custom listing template with HTML/CSS and it looks beautiful when tested by revising or creating new listings on eBay.
On the other hand, creating a new listing with this template on Auctiva seems to play around and mess with my code a fair bit which brings me to the forums today.

This is how the listing template is suppose to look (Tested on Draac) -

It looks perfectly fine on eBay and on the Draac HTML tester however looks terrible on Auctiva as you can see -
The red circles represent the areas in which Auctiva is messing up:

1. Header menu background is too big. It should be around half the size
2. Search is out of place
3. There is a blue outline on the gallery
4. Tab entry fields are not properly aligned and cause a little gap between the tab and entry fields

If anyone can suggest a fix or is willing to take a look into the code, please PM me as i will be more than happy to hire a freelancer.

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