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I've been using auctiva for about a week. And its been a frustrating week. Very slow, a ton of error messages and options that don't work.

Is it me or is it Auctiva? And if it is, like I suspect, Auctiva, what are they doing to resolve these problems?

I'll give them until the end of the month but if things don't improve, I'm gone. I'd rather pay a few dollars a month to get a system that responds than attempt to use a free system that doesn't work.
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I'm brand new to Auctiva and I really like how it works (or doesn't work) LOL! I was able to get one listing on last night and then poof something happened and now I can't do anything. I don't have any problems with any other part of the site. I am also having issues with auction boutique which I normally use. I thought it was my computer at first but I went to my husbands computer and I am getting the same issues. I give up! I need to be listing but can't seem to do it anywhere. Auctiva is really cool and I would like to use it, hell, I wouldn't even mind paying for it but if it won't work then what do I do?
Hello thelizard,

Have you looked at our help page? The Help link is right next to the Community link. From there you can view common questions for various topics and see some tutorials on the features of our site. Since you were able to successfully post once, but have seen problems since then, you may want to file a support case. The link to file a support case is also on the Help page, toward the bottom. Our support staff gladly tries to help users in whatever way they can.

Hope that helps.

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