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Hi Community,

Auctiva is hosting live classes on 2 different subjects and the schedule is now available at The following classes are currently being offered:

1) How to Create a Listing Using Auctiva's Online Lister
2) How to Create and Use Profiles when Listing Through Auctiva

To join one of these classes, please visit the above link and click "Join Now" next to the appropriate meeting within 5 minutes of its start time. These live classes contain a browser sharing presentation, which will be seen on your monitor, as well as an audio portion, which will be heard via teleconference.

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Been listing okay for 2 days... Now when I list a similar item......the template is missing, a box appears says select choose template. Then a template page appears buy does not work and I get this error message, so I guess I am screwed for the rest of tonight. Please have someone check the template problem.

An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.

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