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well, i know for image watermarking,

just go into 'manage images' .. select any pictures you want to watermark and click the 'watermarking' button. it takes you to a photo edit screen. by default, it watermarks your ebay name. but you can change the text, the color, and the transparency to however you like it. now noone can steal your pics! Smile

and for minimun/best offer.. if you're selling your item as 'fixed price' w/ a BIN, after you check the box at the top of the listing page that says 'fixed price', the 'start price' box is shaded so you can't fill it in, then you pick your fixed BIN price, and another box appears that says 'best offer'.. so i think you just check that, and your auction will have your BIN price but will have the best offer added below it.

and real-time payment tracking..
under your 'sales' tab, you can view all, paid, or unpaid transactions. previously, an auction only came up as 'paid' if the customer checked out via auctiva checkout. now, after clicking the 'enable real-time payment tracking' link on that transaction page, it will update all your ebay auctions to show paid or not, regardless of whether or not you use auctiva checkout.

sorry, i haven't done any 'bulk' anything, that's the extent of my knowledge! (and that doesn't mean i'm not wrong about something! Wink lol Smile hope that helps!

If just using the features fails to answer all of your questions, always make sure to check our Help pages (the FAQs) for explanations on how to use our features.

To extend a bit on queen_mab's great help, Bulk editing is done either through your Saved Listings page or your Folders.

Quick tips:

If you would like to just change a few things on a few listings - go to the Saved Listings, choose the ones you want to change, and click the Bulk Edit button. This takes you to bulk inline editing where you can change a few of the fields on all the listings chosen.

If you would like to change more things, more in-depth, go to the Saved Listings, choose your listings and click the Bulk Find & Replace option. You can change a host of fields there all at once. The instructions on each field you want to change will walk you through it. You can edit up to 100 listings at a time doing this.

If you would like to change more than 100 at a time you should be organizing your listings into folders. Use the folders to make your life easier! You can bulk find and replace on a whole folder of listings which means there is no limit to the number of changes you can make at one time!

Hope this helps!

Hi Cara,
How can I get all of my listings to be in the saved listings, or am I only allowed 5 there? If I am only allowed 5, then how do I bulk edit more than 5 at a time?

Also, can I use the bulk edit to add one sentance to each of my listings? I have 60 listings currently, and would LOVE a way to just add in that one sentance easily and quickly.

I tried doing it with those 5 in my saved listings, but right now the bulk edit is not working at all...I keep getting error messages. It says try again later, and if no response open a support thing. Anyway, that is why I haven't been able to try, and so must ask if this is possible.


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