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Under Store, ShowCase, Edit Items, it lists all items for sale on eBay, including 2nd Chance Offer I posted.

How does this work? What is add/remove featured or make hidden?

Are they suppose to show in my store view in my listing when add featured?

It's been over 8 hours since I posted my listing. But they don't show up on my Auctiva's Store View, yet. Normally, how long do they take?

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Hi, bargain*huntress,

Thanks for pointing out the "feature" feature. That seems do the trick to highlight the item in the center.

I selected two items as "featured", it's always the one at the top shows in the center. It does not rotate the feature item.

For example, item A & B: when you are on item A, item B will be centered and when you are on item B, item A will be centered.
That will be a really nice feature to have.


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