Under Store, ShowCase, Edit Items, it lists all items for sale on eBay, including 2nd Chance Offer I posted.

How does this work? What is add/remove featured or make hidden?

Are they suppose to show in my store view in my listing when add featured?

It's been over 8 hours since I posted my listing. But they don't show up on my Auctiva's Store View, yet. Normally, how long do they take?

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Joe are they showing for you now? Do you have the store window enabled so that they can get to your showcase from your listings?

To me it seems that the featured item would show first, just like in ebay; and the hidden just keeps that listing hidden. Hidden would be good for the second chance offer situation unless you wanted others to see it.
Hi, bargain*huntress,

Thanks for pointing out the "feature" feature. That seems do the trick to highlight the item in the center.

I selected two items as "featured", it's always the one at the top shows in the center. It does not rotate the feature item.

For example, item A & B: when you are on item A, item B will be centered and when you are on item B, item A will be centered.
That will be a really nice feature to have.


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