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Hi all

Has anyone else had this problem?
I added an item via Auctiva to Ebay and it said that it had been added to Ebay, but when I checked it wasnt there.
I have consequently added it now 3 times, my dilemma is if there is a bug; I will find it added 3 times meaning I will have to take off 2 and its cost me more money.

I have checked my saved listings. There it says it has not been added as yet.

Can anyone help or has anyone else had this problem.

Thanx Sammi
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Sometimes it does take several hours for listings to show up on ebay--I can always see my listings on my "My ebay" pages within minutes, but if I do a search for the item by it's title, it might take several hours for it to show up in the search results. That's ebay's procedure--

Are none of your listings showing up on your My Ebay page? If they aren't there, then there might be a problem with your listings and none of them were posted. **I'd also check your "Scheduled Listings" tab and see if there was some kind of error processing the listing (on the right side in red letters.)

Good luck!

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