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Well, I have tried this system several times over the last 5-6 weeks and I just can't get it sorted.
I have been using a computer for 10 + years, I have been a member of ebay for 6+ and I have 1400 feedback, and I think I have an average knowledge of using various systems. But this,in my opinion, is a bloody mess. Profile setting up is so complicated for what should be a simple thing. You only have to look at the number of people who are totally confused by it; so many emails asking for help and assistance. Christ, it is supposed to be helping us to list. No, I think it better to stick with Turbo Lister.
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I sympathize with graham- I've been using a PC for 10 years and I find html easier to learn than designing my listings here.......
It appears member 8880 has been so kind to offer some help since she has no problems figuring it all out

So please if you will answer the following

I've been all over this board using every question I could think of to figure how to use the profiles - and finally gave up.

Ok I know the "profiles" represent either shipping - terms or payments etc.
For some unknown reason they are separately framed and then inserted into the chosen background template.
However, I filled them out a while back and when I did a listing they did show up - but I wanted to change them

I click on various places where the word "profile" pops up - and nothing there
My question is- even though they are not editable WHERE in Sam Hill are they???

Thanks for your generous time and assistance.
Thanks and yes it's late I was signing off
but......I did fill that out and they showed up in the template

That's the last time I could find them - so I randomly hit anything I could find to get rid of them
I will have to try a new listing to make sure they are gone [think I already did one]

I do see now, that once they are filled out they should show up in Master profiles??
Since it is a "master" why would it ask for a name - unless it means make one for widgets and one for gadgets etc.

The problem I'm having is the same as all the posters- we find certain things - but can not locate them again~
If you're signed off - will check back tomorrow

Thanks for being there - this is a rough service to deal with - Sorry to say I've used other services that never gave me this much grief Frown

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