I think the shipping label introduction was a bit hasty. It is not printing correctly, you can't just charge it to say PayPal or credit card, no UPS available and no receipt printed.
Get these things improved and maybe I will try again.
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I agree, when I skimmed knew this was NOT workable for my needs the way it is now and unless they are going to have comparison rates on one page will not work for me ever, as we will not know best rate without that comparison chart.

1. NO Zone Rates on there, which makes it outdated from the start.

2. Also, no sheet that can be taken to post office so they can scan entire sheet as received. Believe it is called a manifest.

3. No UPS which is a problem for heavier items and people who use UPS regularly but not all of the time.

4. First class automatically shows as certified mail which is $2.85 EXTRA on an inexpensive package to begin with. Yes, you can change it, but you have to go in and do it each time which is a hassle. Either leave it blank and let us check the one we want or put it on cheapest option which is delivery confirmation.

5. WHY are measurements mandatory field?? They are not on normally mandatory on first class or flat rate boxes. Measuring each items is a Pain when it is unnecessary.

I have been using ebay's lately simply because they show the comparison rates so with one click you can tell if zone, flat, weight is best for each item. They have the zones which can save quite a bit of $$$$ on heavier items that are small enough to fit into the zone boxes. (ebay does not show UPS on comparisons, would be nice if they did though)

Would guess there are other things, that is just in quick skim of it and so far, no good for me.
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