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Hi, I am so confused with auctiva shipping insurance. For example, I have it enabled. So, when my customer checks out. Do they choose auctiva shipping ins. or do they just choose insurance? Then, do I go into my auctiva account and purchase the auctiva insurance? Then, when I print out my USPS postage and there is the the choice to purchase USPS insurance do I decline that? Isn't my customer going to question when they receive their package why USPS insurance wasn't purchase on their postage print out? And if they ask I say I purchased it through auctiva which is cheaper, and they are going to ask why they had to pay the more expensive price? I am really confused how to use auctiva insurance.
Please help!
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Originally posted by driveinantiques:
Does my customer choose between one or the other, or do they just choose insurance and I only offer auctiva.

You only offer one type of insurance, as it is illegal to double cover a package. If you would like to offer Auctiva Shipping Insurance, it costs your customer $2.20 for the first $100 and $1.00 for every $100 worth of coverage thereafter (as compared to $2.30 for the first $100 and $1.05 per $100 thereafter with USPS.) You can view the rate chart on the link I sent you earlier.

Let's say you would like to insure a package for $100 for example. You specify your shipping details on your listing: "Flat Rate USPS shipping $X.XX and Shipping Insurance $2.20."

Your customer pays you $2.20 for the insurance. You pay us $1.70 and keep the $.50 cents for your business. Your customer is still paying less for insurance than with USPS, while still getting the same coverage.

If you are using Auctiva Secure Checkout, the shipping insurance is included in the checkout process. Here is a screenshot of that process.

If you don't use Auctiva Secure Checkout, you purchase the insurance for your customer by clicking on "Sales" -> "Transactions" -> "Purchase Insurance" in the far right column, bill them for it and follow the same steps I outlined above.

It is really no different than offering other shipping insurance. You just purchase the insurance through us instead of the carrier.

Does that explain it a little better?


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