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Hello Community!

If you have been using our shipping insurance to protect your packages, you will notice that we are now switching providers. After years of having U-Pic as our provider, we are now using Shipsurance--a change that we believe users will like. More countries are covered and the claims process is simpler.

We want this change to happen as seamlessly as possible. The way you have purchased insurance in the past will not change (whether it was manually on a shipment-by-shipment basis or by using our Auto-Insure rules.) The only that we need you to do to make sure you are able to purchase policies is to agree to Shipsurances' new Terms and Conditions by February 15th, 2012, which can be found on your Auctiva Shipping Insurance settings page.

If a claim needs to be filed for a policy generated prior to opting-in to the new Terms & Conditions, it will be handled by U-Pic. Our system will recognize which company is servicing your policy, and will direct you to the proper "file a claim" flow.

Please view our Auctiva Shipping Insurance FAQs for all questions relating to our insurance.

If you haven't used Auctiva Shipping Insurance in the past, why not check it out?

As always, happy selling!
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