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I have a suggestion for a new feature. For Auctiva shipping insurance, I charge buyers $0.80 instead of the full $1.30, and I (as the seller) will absorb the rest of the insurance cost myself. Even if a buyer decides not to get shipping insurance, I will still always pay for USPS Delivery Confirmation as the minimum protection for myself. USPS Delivery Confirmation costs me $0.50, and I include that into my standard shipping & handling cost. If a buyer gets insurance, then I won't need Delivery Confirmation. I'll just put that $0.50 saving back into the insurance cost. I believe charging $0.80 (that's less than a dollar) instead of a full $1.30 will entice more buyers to get insurance from Auctiva.

However, I don't think I can change the insurance fee in the Auctiva integrated checkout statement. (Can I do that?) You really should allow sellers to change the insurance fee. Some sellers want to split the insurance costs with the buyers, and we will pay for a portion of the insurance cost to Auctiva ourselves.

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I think we should be able to change the amount we would like to insure for. For example, I sell an item at $52.00. I would only like to insure up to $50. I'm being charged $1.70, when I would like to only pay the $1.05. I don't want to spend double to insure an additional $2. I can see that Auctiva wouldn't want sellers to hike up insurance coverage, but maybe allow to lower the coverage amount.
As the matter of fact, Auctiva should put a cute little button (like PayPal's) in seller's listings that say "Shipping Insurance provided by Auctiva!" or something like that. That way Bidders/Buyers can click on it to check the insurance rate table.

And that button will help Auctiva build brand recognition and improve marketing! The button can even be animated, sparky or shining (just a little bit) to grab people's attention.

If people start to know about they can buy insurance online and check the price easily, they will start asking seller that overcharges for insurance: "Why is your insurance so expensive?? Hm. Hey, do you know about that Auctiva insurance... why don't you get the insurance from there??"

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