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Does anyone know the reason why? I am trying to open in my Internet Explorer and it either gives me page can not be displayed or just sits there and spins. I can open it alright in Firefox and I can open it fine on another computer. Any clues??? I guess I will run some spyware checks.

Debra Lee
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Hi, what version of Windows and IE browser are you both using.

Software that could be blocking you could include firewalls MS or 3rd party or possibly cookies are being blocked. Are your security levels set higher than default.

Other problems can be due to hitting the Thursday night maintenance period or even just poor connection speed.

I have seen it written on one of these boards that Firefox is much faster than IE, (I have not checked this out becuase IE6 works fine on my slow PC as well as the quicker one). If your PC and internet connection is slow and Auctiva servers are working hard the combination could cause a time out and a rather uninformative white not found screen diplayed. Frown

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