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For the last four and a half years I have been the product manager for During this time, a lot has happened and there have been many changes. It has been an exciting and a fun job.

I've reached the point in my life though where it is time for me personally to move on to other things besides ecommerce, and so I am retiring from Auctiva. My last day with Auctiva will be the 24th of February 2012. I have really enjoyed interacting with and hopefully helping out Auctiva's many loyal users and wish all of you the best both personally and professionally.

Stepping up to take my place effective immediately is Rebecca Miller, aka 'Auctiva Rebecca' here on the forums. Rebecca has for over four years been product analyst for us, and has been invaluable to Auctiva and to me personally.

As a PowerSeller/Top Rated Seller on eBay for a dozen years or so, Rebecca understands and is passionate about eBay selling and the challenges eBay sellers face. Also, with four plus years of working with our Engineering team on, Rebecca knows Auctiva through and through. This is amplified by the fact that she has used Auctiva daily since joining Auctiva Corp to manage and maintain her eBay listings at the Top Rated Seller level, which is itself an accomplishment.

Being an Auctiva user herself, Rebecca will be a great advocate for all Auctiva users both to Auctiva management and to eBay as Auctiva's development plans are laid going forward. As the Product Manager for, her input will carry a lot of weight. And, she will continue to be a presence on these forums as much as she can to respond to user questions and issues raised with her own personal touch.

Please join me in congratulating Rebecca on her well deserved promotion.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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