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hi, I had an ebay shop and closed it as i would like to try out Auctiva. I have an Auctiva store and i made and saved all the listings so could list them all at once kinda thing. When it comes to listing them in the store im getitng a message saying App error or somthing and that i have to have a store to list items in. Like i have a store so whats the problem with it?
Its prob somthing simple and i must be dumb,but i have a store its just not putting the listings in and saying i have to have a store,when i allready have one.
Do I still have to have an ebay shop for Auctiva store to work or is a different thing alltogether?
ah well, maybe someone could help i dont know.

merry xmas Smile
Rach Confused
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Hi Rach,

Your Auctiva store will display all of your current eBay listings at any given time, and dies not require that you also maintain an eBay store so the fact that you cancelled your eBay store most likely does not have anything to do with why these listings failed to post.

For further assistance with youthis issue, please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:

Rach - You may have already found your answer, but....

When you list in Auctiva, you create your listing as if posting to ebay only. If you do not have an eBay store, you cannot choose STORE as your format. Your Auctiva store will show ALL your listings, auction and store. So, if I understood you, you DO have to have an ebay store to list under the STORE format.

Happy Holidays!

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