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Sorry to sound so dumb about this but does the Auctiva store take place of my Ebay store? I am not sure how this works and have looked up the information on "help" but still don't get it. Is Auctiva's store does not take place of the Ebay store, what is the advantage of having Auctiva and how would people be able to view it? Sorry! I have not a clue. Thanks for your help. Confused
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Your Auctiva store is just a listing of your items for sale on eBay.

A couple of advantages are that you get your own custom look and feel to help your brand it as yours with your customers.

Also you can have your own domain name for it. When a buyer is in your Auctiva store and you have a domain named hooked up to it they see your URL for your store. They can also email you at that domain name, and when your auctions end you can include the URL in your email, etc.

It's a great way to start building your own brand so that they remember, you, and not just that they bought it on eBay.

It also gives thumbnails for all of your items, not just ones where you purchased eBays gallery feature. That's a big difference between our store and eBay's. etc.

If it is important to you that you build your own brand than a store with us can help you do that. We may in the future allow users to sell items through it, but it is not being worked on for our Q1 2007 release.

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