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Hello again, back on April 5 I had asked about the Auctiva Templates not fitting my item descriptions, Auctiva Bill & Tom said they would look into it, I was hoping this new revamp would do the trick, could someone please tell me if there is a button or something in the text editor to stop my templates from being so LONG Check my Listing below, All my Listings are like this & have been for a while, I know theres got to be something causing this Confused 8945605913 Thanks for Listening Lisa
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Hi Lisa,

I was wondering how you generate your item descriptions? The large number of <p> </p> at the bottom of the listing is what is stretching it out so long. Our description editor has a habit of adding those when it finds incorrect HTML (a missing closing tag or something) in the description, especially when you switch back and forth from Source to Design view a lot.

You can avoid this a few different ways:
1) Make sure every opening tag has a closing tag in your HTML (probably the most time consuming.)
2) Avoid switching back and forth from Source to Design views in the editor too often, or if you do, make sure to delete any resulting <p> </p> from the description.
3) Avoid using the description editor all together and enter your description in Text Mode (there is a link above the description editor to switch to Text Mode, you can also set an Account Preference to always be in Text Mode)

Let me know if this information helps,
Auctiva David
To David & Cara, I wanted to let you both know that I played around with my listings & deleted a big chunk of the HTML on the bottom of my listing and now for the first time in months my Template looks great! Im not sure why it was like that, maybe because I kept using the same listing over & over?? dont know, thanks for your input, & let me know if something comes up related to this matter Thanks Lisa Big Grin Check it out 8946468668
This is my first listing to this Auctiva Cummunity so I hope I'm doing it right and in the right place... One thing I want everybody to know I love asing Auctiva and have been using it for some months and I believe it has helped my sales. But still Auctive has many problems that have made my head hurt. posting that wont post, Photo's that dont show up on the listing, and a few others... Now today its a problem of Profiles scrambling my listing. Changing size of words, where I have put paragraphs, and photos not showing up where I wanted them to. So when I post... Its all messed up, then I have to cancel my ebay listing. I hope that someone looks into this. Because it's making my head hurt even AGAIN after working on one ad for 2 hours and it keeps changing !


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