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First of all I only enroled on Auctiva tonight so I have a lot to learn and can I start by saying what a GREAT idea it is and it's all free so what can I lose.
Well ......... time is the most precious commodity and I have a similar problem with Auctiva as I used to have with Microsoft a few years ago. It is totally US centric and although I have logged in as an Ebay UK user it continually prompts me for eveything for the US. E.g I have to change all memus to UK everytime I want to add or change something. It lists items at US Pacific Times. It shows up the saved listing in US dollars.
As I have not yet successfully been able to schedule an item yet (although I have been trying for 2 hours) I can't tell whether it converts everything to Ebay UK standards or not.

To make this a success internationally you have to think internationally. Main one:If I log in from a UK ID I should be recognised as a UK user, I should be able to price in £UKPounds and my listing should be GMT.

There are other things that concern me but I won't go on about those until I have tested them properly, but just to note that I started from scratch and the "item details" mentioned in another thread were not offered to me (which may be why Ebay is not accepting my ad).

I still think it's a GREAT idea but for tomorrow's listings I am going to have to go back to Turbo Lister.
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Hi Gooner,

To avoid having to select "UK" as your listing site each time you create a listing, you can set the UK as your default listing site at Auctiva -> My Account -> Settings(Preferences). Just remember to click "Update Account Preferences" after making this change to save it.

The time zone displayed on Auctiva cannot currently be changed but we will be adding this capability with the release of our phase II, which is scheduled for May 2006.

As long as the UK is selected as your listing site, prices will be displayed in pounds.

Concerning your inability to get your first listing posted, I suggest you file a support case through the appropriate link on our help page and our support staff will view your account and assist you.

Thanks very much Mike .. I have taken your instruction and it works fine ... I have also solved an Imaging problem I had - it was the browser I was using.

I successfully put my first listing up just before the 5p day ended ...

The only problem I forsee in the future will be scheduling listings as I have to remember to work out the time difference (including BST when applicable - not now it's freezing). I don't want listings to end at 3.00am when I meant 3pm or whatever. Are there any plans to include GMT?

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