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Hi All!

I'm fairly certain that the site is down due to the "Update" that they originally had scheduled for 10-11AM PDT but kept pushing back...see Jeff & Kevin K. thread:
Site Update 9/28 around Thurs 12pm PDT (GMT -8)

I KNOW how you feel, but I'm sure that the new features and bug fixes HAVE to be for the best.

I guess today is certainly better than tomorrow, Sat.or Sun. I can deal with almost anything during the week at this point to avoid a disaster like last Sunday!
I personally wish they would lay off the new features and get the current product stable. That has always been a sore spot with me. I've been in the software developement field for a decade & know first hand, the more you dink with it, the worse it will keep getting. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take a 6 month sabatical from enhancements, just work on the product integrity, getting all the bugs fixed & the app stablized, test & regression test the heck out of it. Then they can start implementing new features.
Originally posted by Auctiva Mike D.:
Hi Community,

Our update has been completed and the Auctiva website is up and running once again.

Your patience with this matter has been appreciated.


It's 10:22pm Eastern Time, and I'm having multiple problems. Can sometimes log onto the site, can access my listings, but cannot change or add pictures to my listings, and cannot save my listings.
why won't my items list!!!!!!!!!!
had no problems when i signed up a couple of weeks ago. I go through the whole process and at the end it click post and that's it nothing it freezes. getting really mad here. i have a good fast computer and all updates. it loads every thing fast when i do my write up, but just at the end post and zippooooo. might be just better off paying ebay for the extra pic's cause this sure is not working out to well!!!
any suggestions anyone? i emailed them too, just waiting for a response. Frown

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