Hi! Do I need to use Auctiva to list my auctions in order to have the showcase appear?

If not, how can I import my auctions (continuously) to have it appear?

Thank you.
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We are new to using Auctiva but since no one else has answered- no you do not have to use auctiva to list in order to have you showcase appear. If you are registered with Auctiva and have an Ebay token you can put your store window into your auctions using the HTML. Go to the store tab near the top of the page, then click on Store Window. Near the bottom there will be a link to your personalized HTML code for your store window. Copy and past that into your listing(make sure you are using the HTML view when you do). There are better directions for doing this when you find the HTML code.
So if I insert the html into my listing template and I don't list it through Auctiva, will Auctiva also automatically insert it also? Or will it know that I have already manually inserted it into my tmeplate? I don't want to have 2 showcases in my auctions.
I have the same question as keifer27 - If I put the HTML code in my auction, and if Auctiva automatically puts the showcase in my auction, does that mean it will show up twice? My guess is that one can disable the showcase option but then put the HTML code in an auction, thereby making the decision on an auction-by-auction basis as to whether to have the showcase, uh, show! Is that right?

Also, when I signed up last week the showcase did appear in my auctions automatically (not sure that "enabled" should be the default, but that's a different suggestion). I listed three items last night (not through Auctiva), my showcase option is enabled, and it's been over 12 hours and the showcase still is not appearing in my active auctions. However, the new items are now appearing in my completed auctions. I really was looking forward to having the showcase in there.

Hope all that isn't too confusing or too many questions. I would appreciate some additional answers and information and would suggest that the answers be included in the HELP section. I have searched and searched and did not find this issue addressed.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, Tom, for your reply. I did what you said, so we'll see if that adds it. Now I have to ask the dreaded question - WHY? Is it because that particular format will load automatically OR is it because just changing it (to whatever) will load it automatically?

I really do like the other format better, but I'm going to try this to see how it works out. I like this and can't complain too much when it's free Smile ... but I would recommend a little more documentation. (Growing pains, right?)

Thanks again!

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