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Hi, I recently opened a store on eBay and thought it would be busier. Before the store I was just listing on eBay and had many sales, so I thought that opening the store would help. But it has done a bit but not what I thought it would do...

I have about 60 items between the store and regular listings.
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Hi Gitasan I just checked your store I think it is setup very well. However one thing I would change is the location of your scrolling gallery. I have mine at the bottom of the page so my prospective bidder actually has to look at my auction first. It is great getting tie in sales but the last thing I would want is someone looking at my gallery and immediately jumping from the item they came to see to another one. Let them jump after you have set the hook not before.
Also you should offer shipping discounts to increase bid activity

I currently only have 4 listings going and until last evening the same person was winning all 4 auctions I am sure my scrolling gallery pulled him to the one item as he is a train buff and 3 items are train related and one is an MP3 player.
The shipping discount to my way of thinking plays a big factor in bid activity
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Taz, Thank you! great points made! ok now how do I change where the gallery is? I also thought I put in listings that I combine shipping. how do you deal with shipping discount? I am always afraid that I will pay out of pocket when I just give a random amount to take off?
How much do you bring in with your auctiva store? I have not really paid much attention to that...

Sorry for all the ?'s trying to figure all this out!

Thanks again!
Hi Gitasan I offer a standard 30% deduction on shipping for all purchases over the initial item. The key here is being able to put all of the items in one shipping container. If you are dealing with items that are impractical to ship together then no shipping discount applies.
To change your scrolling gallery click this link
then click on Edit Scrolling Gallery and you will see all the options. I personally prefer the side scrolling window with the below Description tab chosen.
As for a store I do strictly auctions I have not made the leap to a store yet. Possibly in the future but for now I am content with auctions.
After reading your auction for Victorian Xmas Snow Children Cards(12) NIB Shackman NR I see you do mention combining shipping but most people do not read all the print in this and you may be missing tie in sales.
by offering a shipping discount it appears directly at the top of the listing under shipping costs as (discount available)
have a look at one of my auctions to see an example
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