When I am updating an inventory item's quantity from 0 to (let's say) 3, if the item is on auto-relist, when will it relist the item? Will it relist within an hour or a day or how long? I am noticing that it is not auto-relisting right away so I am going and manually relisting the item, which sort of defeats the purpose.
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Hi jeff65 -

Auto Relists occur when the item imports from eBay into your Closed Listings. We receive notifications from eBay regarding the state of listings and transactions and have a reconcile service that runs throughout the day to pick up any information from where there may have been issues with the notifications.

If your items do not appear to be importing in a timely fashion so that your Auto Relist profile is not activated at the time you wish, or if there may be an issue with your Auto Relist profile, I suggest that you file a support case from under the Help tab of the site providing some examples of what is occurring for you so we can look into the specifics of your account and we'll be happy to help resolve any issues.

- Craig

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