I use Auto Relist on all my items. Occasionally , I find an error in a listing which requires me to take the item out of eBay and rework the listing before reposting it. Or I may wish to just remove an item from eBay completely.

However, no matter what reason I use for taking down a listing, Auctiva immediately reposts it when auto relist in 'on'. I've talked with Tech Support and suggested that they revise their code to turn 'off' auto-relist when a user manually ends an items listing.

I've even tried to change the auto relist profile BEFORE taking down the item, but that doesn't work all the time either.

This has created a lot of problems for me, where people have 'purchased' items that were no longer available, or a single item was sold twice due to Auctiva generating multiple listings.
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Hello QT Discoveries -

Prior to ending an item on eBay that has an auto relist profile on it, you need to end the profile from the Active Listings page of your Auctiva account.

To do so, you need only select the item or items you wish to end the profile on in your Active Listings page and then click on the "Stop Auto-Relist" button available near the top of the page. This ends the profile on the selected items so that when you end them on eBay they will not be reposted once they import to your Closed Listings page in Auctiva.

- Craig

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