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I had an issue with my auto relisting profile. It was my mistake and It was wrong. I had 43 listings at the time. I had to stop Auto Relisting to fix the profile, the software would not let me adjust the profile while active listings were affected by it. UI saw noway to achieve this on the main eBay site either.

Once I did that I cannot figure out how to bulk edit my listings to re enable Auto relist on them. Doing all of them individually just isn't going to work, And I doubt it would for anyone who has over 5 listings.

Can anyone point me in the proper direction?
just trying to do the right thing, and man sometimes it is hard to do even that
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Hello answrtek -

There is no way to enable an auto relist profile on an already active listing, a listing must post from Auctiva for one of our Auto Relist profiles to be enabled on it when it initially posts.

You can update the Saved Listings in Bulk if you wish to apply a profile to them prior to posting from Saved or on a listing by listing basis if you use Edit and Relist from Closed Listings. In Saved Listings select the listings you wish to apply the profile to and then click on Advanced Edit, the last option in the Pull Down for Advanced Edit is to select an Auto Relist profile.

- Craig

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