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Hi guys

I am new to Auctiva and just setting up my Auctivia account. I seem to have figured most things but I am stumped by the auto email templates. Could anyone please help me with the following questions?

1) Some of the default templates indicate they are not set to be sent automatically. Is this just because Auctivia does allow this yet or have I missed the preference setting to switch this option on?
2) If I edit a standard template and save it under a different name how can I set the new template as the one that is automatically emailed? I have done this for the winning bidder email and it now says that both the standard and the new template are set to be automatically sent and I can't seem to change this.
3) If I edit a standard template and switch on the "auto email me a copy of the email" option do I have to save the template as a different name to make it effective?

Does the Auctivia auto email option work effectively or do my fellow Auctivians just switch them off and use the ebay auto email?

Thanks for you help
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Hi all
I too have this same problem I have a default winning bidder email that says it is set as active for any country, there is also two for Germany that say they are active??
I made my own for winning buyer under my country Australia and set that as active. but I can not de-activate the others so does this mean a buyer gets more than my own email. If so how do I stop this?
As Steve asks is it easier to use ebays auto mail, but that seems to be a bit pointless if we are using Auctiva to do most other things.

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