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I have several questions. I am looking to automate my eBay store and listings.

I find that when I am listing items with Auctiva, I need to select the 'Seller details' in template management section each time I list. It is not saving the setting in the item details template as I would expect.

Also, when listing using a template that has been customized, there are html tags being inserted into the ad as text. How is this to be fixed? Should I just stop using the template and ad the HTML directly in?

And now the big question... when I set up an auto relist profile... when it goes to relist, is there a way to make it relist the ad with whatever quantity is available in inventory? For instance, if I have 3 available in inventory when it is due to relist, can I set it somehow to relist with all available (3) or will it only relist one at a time (or however many is in the item detail profile)? And as a reverse question, if my item detail profile has a quantity of 4 and the available inventory is 3, what will happen?

Hopefully that made sense. :-)
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Hello jefff65 -

If you create an Item Details profile with your template and seller details profile selected within the Item Details profile, the seller details profile should load with your item details profile on to the listing you are creating along with the template saved to the profile. (Note that a template is required to be able to add the Seller Details profile).

Without seeing the custom template you refer to it is difficult to say what may be occurring with the HTML tags; please be sure that when you are adding HTML within the template editor, you have the editor set to Source so the tags are not interpreted as text. If you have further issues with such, please file a support case from under the Help tab letting us know the template this occurs with and an listing we can take a look at as an example and we can have a look.

As for the Auto Relist - if you use a profile when creating a listing that has a quantity set in it, that quantity will be used for the listing you are creating - but that is only going to affect the listing the first time it is posted. If the item is set up as an inventory item with an auto relist profile on it, when it comes back from eBay and the auto relist profile activates, it will go back up to eBay with the same quantity as it had when it closed. So, if you have an inventory of 5 and sell 2 and the item ends and the auto relist profile sends it back to eBay, it should go back up to eBay with a quantity of 3 (unless you have modified the quantity).

- Craig

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