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Avast, yez Auctivians!

First off, ye needs to know yez got some typos in yer insurance chart (under help/myaccount/AuctivaShippingInsurance/AuctivaShippingInsurance). From $700.01 on up in the "You Pay Auctiva" column, yer price is a buck too high at each level.

Second, I was jest curious - if there was any 'ticular reason the "amount we collect" is at the old pre-increase post office rates instead of the same. Not a big deal, jest wonderin'.

Thirdly, an I mebbe missed this somewhere's along the way, what about sellin' insurance fer our non-eBay, non-auction sales. I know we can jest get our own account with the insurers on our own, but as long as yer needin' the samolians to pay yer bills, I'd be agreeable to buyin' it through you. An' I guess the little extree in cost would be worth it to me, n' probably others too, jest so's we didn't have ta' keep a'reckerd fer the insurance people and go through that rigamarole of sending it to 'em ever' month.

Mebbe ye already can do that and I jest didn't know about it. Innat case, the joke's on me.

CB, an' his idle mind.
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Originally posted by Auctiva Bill B.:
We only offer shipping insurance for items sold on eBay.

OK. But it's a shame. Many of us get repeat orders that don't go through the 'Bay, and it would be additional revenue for ye.

Further, our rates didnt increase we just updated the USPS rates (since their rates went up).

Yep. I know that. But what I'm sayin' is when yer sellers charge the customer for insurance, don't they actually "collect" at the new USPS rate, thereby giving them an even bigger profit than what's stated in your chart? Or does that only apply to those using eBay checkouts?

As I said before, jest curious. I figured if ye got it, flaunt it.


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