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I have found some tags that put a desired photo
as a wallpaper image but the preview showed it as tile and I wanted to have it spread all over the template as one photo [stretching the length of the listing]instead.Perhaps someone can tell me how to adjust the code so this happens.Perhaps I just have to alter a tag or two..
Here is the example with a sample photo.

<table align="center"width="100%"cellspacing="0"cellpadding="20"border="0" bgcolor="ffffff"background=
.......your description........
I totally appreciate anyone that is willing to waste their time to help me.
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That is exactally what I am talking about!!!

I want to thank you for giving me help. I have quite a few items this would be good for.

I figured out how to customise some borders but those middle parts a little trickier.

I will dabble today and see if I can learn more new tricks.

I encourage any other HTmL doctors to speak their
diagnosises and updated remedies.

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