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Hi - I'm having the same booting out problem with AOL and like a few people, I decided to look at the Discussion Forum to to see if there were any fixes. I am appalled at the way Auctiva is choosing to deal with this problem by simply saying its a problem with AOL.

Guys - people love your software and the fact that people take time to write on the forums means its important to them.There is clearly something wrong with this new Editor you launched. I just tried 5 times on AOL and was booted off AOL completely. I don't have these problems normally with any other site that I use on AOL, so you can't blame AOL. There is definitely something wrong with your new Editor. Why can't you go back to the old Editor which worked fine until you test your new editor properly and it is free of bugs. You are costing people money and in the process losing yourself a reputation. Mad

We have a new account setting that will hopefully help people out who are getting booted off by AOL.

It's an option to use a standard text editor instead of our HTML design editor. Keep in mind that you'll have to actually use HTML manually instead of having the editor format things for you.

To set your account to use the text editor, goto the My Account tab, hit the "Settings" link and then in the "Account Preferences" section, change your default editor for the listing page from HTML to Text and then hit the "Update" button.

Now when you goto the listing page, it should not try to load the HTML design editor and thus should not boot you off of AOL.

Please let me know if this works for you.



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