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This is what I need to know. I googled this subject up and it came up with a camera that cost $1000.00. Obviously too much. I have been using a scanner because most of my objects are flat. For $50.00 and a little imagination I have done most of my images without a camera. My brother who still has film is unable to get a decent shot of jewelry. He used to be a photographer by profession. Wedding photographs mostly. He is at a loss when I send him jewelry to film. Inevitably the carpet stands out more then the jewelry. I've even used corel draw to darken the carpet but that didn't help. He does great with large photograph books that I can't scan.
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You need a shadow free "Photo Box", like this:

Photo box

Notice their jewelery sample photos in the listing.

This item will be closed by the time you see it, but I'm sure this seller keeps duplicates listed, so check their listings. I don't know this seller, it's only for an example. There are many types and size of this photo box sold by other sellers at various prices.

It's also time for you to invest in a digital camera. Something in the $200 range. I highly recommend Canon.

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