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I'm a firm believer in Monday night, i.e. at least one weekend of full visibilty or two with 10 day. Auctions used to stimulate Store traffic and cross-promotion are all the better for the full exposure to the weekend shoppers.

Monday also avoids the glut of seller listings finishing/starting on Sunday that either cause submission problems or search (lost in the crowd) finishes. Sunday seems to be bargain day in buyer's minds (not good for auctions).

There are some items that do well with a Saturday afternoon or evening finish, so there are exceptions. Silver and gold bullion are in that group.

I avoid Tuesday because of the (semi-)weekly code rolls by Auctiva during the day.

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Due to the variety of my items, there is no one good day.

Tuesday nights thru Thursday night work great for some items.

Sunday night is awesome for others.

And certain types of items that end in the morning or during lunch hours or during afternoon naptimes of children work well, too.

There is no hard and fast rule...just plenty of research into what your selling.

Best of Luck,
I'm a fan of weekends and Sundays in particular.

I know of one seller who has really good results by listing something EVERY day of the week. She says this gets best exposure since new listings starting and ending daily puts you in a better position to get noticed. I've been trying that and doing pretty well lately, I skip days now and then but rarely on weekends and never on Sundays.
I agree, not a day goes by that there isn't an item closing.

Plus since I have an eBay store, I can put it on vacation for an hour or so and bring it back online. (with a message that Southern Jewel's Fab Finds is away from her computer and will be back <fill in the blank> to answer your questions.

Also, I run one sale a day via my store. Normally five percent on a single category.

These all help to reindex my auctions on a daily basis.

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