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Got it. My bad. I thought you were missing the entry on the lister. Apparently, it's a problem with how Store is displaying the listing.

I don't know if it's just that Store template or they are all failing. You might try another Store template as a test.

For sure, it's another Support Case request (see HELP link at top of page).

You can set up Best Offer in your listing with Auctivia and everything will show correctly on Ebay, but it will not show up on your Auctiva store homepage. When setting up Best Offer in Autiva you can set it to automatically deny any bid below a set dollar amount. Ebay allows you to set up the same and automatically accept a bid at or above a set dollar amount automatically. After you set up your listing in Auctiva you can revise your item in Ebay to set up the automatically accept bid dollar amount.
Originally posted by virginiabeachgirl:
Gosh Danno,
If you didn't know this I wonder how many others don't either. Being a "newbie" and all I am a little tickled you learned from my post. Smile

Actually, I'm a little surprised the issue hasn't been noticed before. Eek

It looks like Best Offer could use some updating by Auctiva for both the Store ad and the one-page lister. To not have the OBO on the Store ad is actually counter to what a buyer should view. I don't know if they are on the list for enhancement, but it would seem to be good improvements (IMO) and added to "Suggestions" with credit.

1. Add OBO icon to Store Ad and SG.

2. Add OBO auto accept price to one-page.

Oh....and I'm always happy to learn something new every day....even at my age.

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