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I think that depends first off on your time zone.

I'm on the East coast. I find that listing my items at approximately 10pm (+/- 15 minutes) is a good time to be conveniently viewed in all four time zones. Not too late (east) not too early (west).

Another thing to keep in mind is people may be using snipe bidding services which then make time irrelevant. I always use eSnipe for bids, and then just forget about the item, and either win or loose.

I also find Sundays & Mondays to be good days, but really, any day other than Saturday is good. But then again, with the use of sniping programs, the day become irrelevant too.
I found that it really doesn't matter a whit what time of day you post a listing. I think it's just folklore so the research gathering programs can sell their product. I will say that I've found Monday to be a good day for hits, I suspect because because folks are going back to work and playing on Ebay when the boss isn't lookingSmile
Hi garyj,

Gotta disagree with you on this...Smile

Sniping service aside (I doubt my buyers use them)...I sell motorcycle clothes, and I see a definite trend toward my buyers being night people, just like me. I can get some good stuff for resale on Ebay by watching for the ones that end in the morning. No one seems to be around to bid 'cept me Wink

I think it definitely does depend on what you sell.

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