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Lets do some analyzing folks... how bout it pjrcoffee??? and others....

we all know that we will be helped big time if ebay gets a competitor..this should be sellers highest priority.... so lets analyze to see who has this best chance and then stampede to.. to make it happen lightning fast....
lets analyze names of sites also....i think buyers are tired of seeing sites with auction or bid in the title.. and thinking going to buy at these sites will be a hassle and time comsuming..... i think all these sites with a bid or auction in the name may grow fast right at first but then have a ceiling where they can't grow any further.... so we need to strike off any of these with these type names.....

the 3 that i've been checking close are blujay.. ecrater and wagglepop.... all 3 names should work.. but best of those 3 is wagglepop.. then blujay.. then ecrater IMHO.

ioffer is also a name that has this ceiling.

buyers love best a site where they can feel clean and easy and see items clearly and the site laying out the items in a valuable manner. buyers love the arts and crafts festival feeling of looking at items and buying .. so compare sites with this in mind...what i see is wagglepop has this the best... then blujay....this will make buyers want to come to browse OR to BUY... and keep coming back...ecrater seems clean but too washed out and weak and confusing with their feedback.... blujay makes it alot less confusing... wagglepop has the easy and less confusing feedback for buyers who NEED that... just like wagglepop and blujay and ones website is from what i see is best to stampede to fast..

blujay and ecrater are both free and should be used...BUT WE NEED a site to make money to maybe start advertizing.... wagglepop is already bringing in seems like most money other than feebay... also what is huge is which site is getting the ebay sellers..??? ebay sellers brings in many ebay buyers.. and with wagglepop set up like ebay but so much easier and more fun... then this site should be the one by logic to take ebays buyers..

also some thinks that cause the owner pulled the plug last yr when starting they then think its MORE likely he will do that again.. clearly he was not ready and was not ready for the sabatogues.. BUT coming back ..... if one asks a psychologist which has a higher chance of pulling the plug a complete new person or one that was shamed by pulling the plug?? clearly they would say this owner has MORE incentives than any new owner of making it work... ALSO we all need a site that will not let ebay buy them out or others and this shame he has and the hate on ebay is the BEST DEFENSE..

from what i see no other site has anything better than wagglepop concerning what THE BUYERS will want.... bidville has a better way of rotating items but that is the only one i've seen.

use wagglepop as one site where one goes to pay... use blujay as the free site.... when going to to search for ones interest and then seeing the items from blujay or ecrater.... buyers can see bigger and better pics with blujay over ecrater.. and also 5 other pics of their other items at the bottem which ecrater don't have... also one can make it just 2 steps with froogle... search and click on ones item in blujay... one then can decide to keep it totally simple and going no further by mailing check or money order... or can go further with google checkout or paypal... but with blujay it stays less confusing without the feedback like ecrater has.... Also the text is alot better to read with blujay... ecraters looks washed out and weak.. but since ecrater is also free should be used as ones third site...

yes lets all analyze what are the things needed to bring real competition... make a list weighted with the importance of each..

another factor i see with wagglepop since they are getting the ebay sellers and getting the money over all others... investors who would come in and put in more money and make it really take off... so who is best for us to pay money to... to maybe spur investors to then really help also?? we already have the first big big step... the ebay sellers have decided .. and they have decided wagglepop.. if the rest then follows this can happen very fast.. a REAL COMPETITOR!!

and another positive about blujay over ecrater is their home site .. shows showcase items rotating... wagglepop charges 40 dollars a month i think and they now have 21 showcase stores and over 800 PAYING stores.. blujay is free..... people will enjoy shopping at blujays own site better than at ecraters own site... looooks better .. so blujay is set up pretty well to bring buyers from froogle and from their own site.... so i think if sellers stamped these 2 sites then ebay will fast start lowering fees... and then sellers will make good profits from ALL 3 sites...
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Greetings Patrick,

Thank you for your very interesting post.

I have been asking questions for about 2 weeks concering WagglePop. YES the sellers need another venue, but according to WP the stores are NOT in general search. Sellers at WP are still NOT selling. The traffic is not there as of yet. As a store owner you still have to sell at auction in order to drive buyers to your store. Seems Ebay to me. Frown
yep... sales is what we are LOOKING for.. that is why we need to analyze WHAT brings buyers to stay and buy??? seems wagglepop has this over others....lets analyze what BRINGS this... this site is new.. no one should expect much sales right now... wait until they have enough inventory to interest buyers.. maybe in another couple of months.....

we need to analyze these points of each site.. wagglepop seems to have these more than others... even with bringing in money which can be used to advertize.. other sites do not bring in any money enough to advertize.... they do have on site a sales report of the site.. saying 538 sales this past week .. and remember sell thru ratio should not be checked with this.... its PROFIT.. its what profit one is making... like when ebay had free list days the sell thru fell dramatically BUT the profit soared cause of less fees and then one can list in more categories and have them end many times each week to be seen closer... bad sell thru rate but great profit... profit is what we want... nothing else!!!
Greetings: There have been a number of sites that have had auctions but none have the critical mass to make it work. I have been at this for over 8 years and I've seen lots come and go even some specifically related to and activity like music and musicians. The problem is if y ou list an item and you pay for the listing then you expect to have a reasonable shot at selling the item. I suspect that the most likely competitor to eBay migh be craigslist, they have a critical mass and all they have to do is change the format slightly and start charging.
Originally posted by Seasoned Warrior:
I suspect that the most likely competitor to eBay migh be craigslist, they have a critical mass and all they have to do is change the format slightly and start charging.

Top of the Morning From FL,

All good points with the exception that eBay purchased craigslist last year. They bought that around the same time they brought Skype into play. <blech>

My Best,

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