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Due to ebays new changes, we may include shipping in the item price amount and remove shipping fees from all of our listings.

If we decide to do this, if i make these changes directly in the active listings on ebay will the changes be imported into those listings in auctiva ?

Or, do i need to wait for the listings to expire and then make changes in auctiva and then relist.

Appreciate any suggestions/help on best way to do this.

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Hi- am not sure I know best way, but if you make changes in ebay you will have to do in Auctiva SAVED also. IF it were me, I would do as they expire, but I am far from an expert.

Do have food for thought which may/may not effect you.

I had thought of offering free shipping in July when ebay starts charging percent on shipping too. Due to the fact that I take returns I got to thinking, IF someone returns an item I will be out the shipping amount also, which right now I refund auction amount and do not refund what they paid for me to ship item. Most people do not give a real thought to paying shipping back to you, but sure think twice when they realize that they will be out the ship amount they paid to ship item to them (which is $$$ we can't get back from post office) AND they have to then pay return shipping back. Am figuring if I offer free, then the returns may become pretty bad.

You may/may not offer returns (not that it matters anyway) as ebay will let buyer return ANYTHING!!!

Hope this helps you
hi vickie,

Thanks for your suggestion......

concerning the return shipping. Good point, I think there is a setting that we can set that states something about return shipping paid by buyer...i have it set that way now...will check and see where the setting you say, then the buyer will need to consider the cost of the return postage.

thanks again john

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