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ebay store sellers going to other sites with paid stores is a big yardstick to judge about the chance for a future competitor to ebay....after the fee increase announcement bidville had a bout 400 paid stoes and wagglepop 100.. after this.. bidville has about 412 and wagglepop 517.... bidville has gained 12 stores and wagglepop 417..... a CLEAR indication where the ebay sellers are going.... if this keeps up we will HAVE FINALLY ebays competitor in the auction mode of internet buying and selling....
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.. what can happen... once sellers see a real 2nd site and is coming up.... once they see .. there can be a stampede.... this is how dominos fall....theres certain things to look for to see if the speed will take off....the main thing is seeing WHERE the ebay sellers are going....this then can feed a frenzy with the rest.... it can happen faster than we think... if aug 22 comes when the ebay fees take affect... and these sellers sees a definite surge in where the ebay sellers are going then this can bring a tidal is setting up like this now with showing where the ebay sellers are going one place to pay to list... its wagglepop then the others will see that...and then speed will come... ebay has about 24,000 stores i saw..has lost 500 in the last week..
yes.. whats coming down the pike for certain is that we will have 4 players involved in ALL internet activity.....this includes all types of the buying and selling needs of people from shopping from websites to auction mode to swap mode... also email.... search engines.... every single thing involved with the internet...

yahoo.. msn... google and looks like AOL has woke up to go in this TOO.... google has the best search engine BUT google does have competition in this with yahoo and msn.. its not like ebay with no competition.. we as sellers need to not ONLY use googles searcxh engine but also yahoo's and msn.. because they do 8-12% of the business in the online is ahead of these 4 with the email stuff.... these 4 all are ahead in certain things than the other... BUT now it looks like all 4 is gonna go and have it all.... yahoo is cloesest of these 4 to having it all right looks like will be buying ebay for their auction mode of selling... an auction mode is needed in each of these 4 companys internet platforms....just like a search engine is needed in each one... just like shopping thru their search engine with websites...i also see a need for a swap site... each will have one of these.... also each will have an online payment system...the way wagglepop is looking right now they could be bought by one of these and with big money make it just as good as ebay....also each system will have personals dating stuff and also chat rooms.. a complete internet platform.. and all this will be fantastic for sellers and buyers... like right now the only profit is coming from ebay... later each seller will get profits from EACH of these 4... the only problem is how americas govt has ignored teddy roosevelts monopoly laws and may make all this profits for sellers and buyers be gone ina flash with all four merging as one...we have to work on our govt. too if we want to get anything from the internet and our work.... the robber barons always works around when the people are progressing and making more they work around with the help of the bought off govt.. to bring this increase to the people to THEM and then the people are back again in slavery misery...
The picture that has just been painted is probable.

However there are other search engines and people with ideas. If there were mega mergers in the internet market, these would likely be 2 years out or more at the rate of change currently at hand.

In the mean time, for me the little seller my optimism is placed in developing as many webpages as I can, quickly as I can to build my little sustaining empire.

I also have optimism in many smaller search engines and companies having the vision to promote alternatives to any changes.

This is the normal radical behavior of risk taking capital adventurers. Even auctiva can see or at least is looking at the writing on the wall and is either discounting it, or is taking measures toward their different kind of future.

Its amazing with ebays last update july 1 deadline, how many auction hosts are not done or complete in what they offer for auction hosting. Read the inkfog boards to see nothing but ongoing troubles with their auction hosting system and the continuation of their update and sorting out their sd merger. I am so glad to have landed over here at auctiva.

There definitely seems to be some kind of disjointed event or disunified activity to all this right now. There doesn't seem to be a real cohesivity to marketing on the net. Sort of like a scramble to get it all back together again. I for one am feeling the effect and am putting my efforts into my perspective of my internet future.
I've been using yahoo mail almost exclusively for 3 or 4 years now, and it the last 6 months it gotten slower and slower. Apparently yahoo is not putting money into their servers. Also yahoo parternered with SBC for their internet service. And SBC was merged/bought out by ATT. SBC was only marginal, but ATT reputation as a political and mixed up company proceeded itself and was borne out when they alienated many customers including myself. This has got to affect yahoo's operations some. I know I will be seeking a new mail app soon.
OR here's another solution..

Buy a domain name. Most of those come with minimum 25 email accounts.

You can set them all up to fwd to the original email. But sub name them such as: customerservice@ billing@ contact@ questions@ etc etc etc

It's professional and gives the appearance of business like procedures.

Most domain names are cheap..Go Daddy just had a special.

Suthrnjewl<----one brainy chick

Take care, Donna
Originally posted by Help and Sell:
517 stores on Wagglepop? Compared to how many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ebay stores? It would take a long time for ebay to be knocked off the pillar. But, competition is good!

The Stores Forum on eBay had a count of the daily closings of stores.

I haven't been over there today..but the count is DROPPPPPPING!

I wish I had a more tangible total than the Stores Board Forum.

I'll check later,
yes.. i think ecraters stores are going up pretty strong...without any shenanigans like psu is doing to grow online faster with misleading numbers.. i think the people who want that site to be the one.. alot of their sellers they list the same item a thousand times cause they know psu is counting this and placing them as 2.5 million auction listings... psu has known about this false numbers since jan.. someone just recently said they were working feverishly on correcting... bUT the thing is.. that certain auction looks to be the one that advertizes the most on psu's site of any other advertizer psu has got.. ....and they are connected strong with each other with big banners on each others site...... but this misleading stuff by psu for this company has made people incorrectly see them as rising .. and this makes people think yes and they join... so alot of this sites rise is because of psu's misleading numbers.. they count all listings even if one says they have a million quantity of something..numbers.....this hurts ecrater and others who try to limit their sellers to just one category...

where can we go and see and read honest stuff??

there is so much that contribute to bringing so much falsehood thru these forums.... some is intentional of wanting a site so bad they over look it being corrupt or dead....

there is a community of sellers that is growing... and this community has done the very wise thing.. of being private... and watching for others in forums who show reasonableness in forums .. then they go and bring them into this growing forum... this can work to help that WHOLE community in ALL AREAS OF LIFE.... with how bad times can soon be ahead ... a growing community of reasonable people is the ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY to deal with all the problems that is here and which will be increasing.

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