Newbie to this service here. On my first four scheduled listings, three posted fine, one didn't. In my events folder, this message was after the ad title that failed to post:
Listing already posted.

The specified UUID has already been used; ListedByRequestAppId=1, item ID=6010192890.

Now here is the kicker. This listing doesn't exist according to eBay and I was never charged a listing fee, BUT...........

The listing appears in My Auctiva Store display! Not only that, but the ad is missing the description, just the pictures and the shipping info is contained. What the???? I tried to end the auction early, but I get an error message stating that the listing doesn't exist!

Halloween was two days ago folks! LOL

On another note, how do I get that Auctiva Store display to list BELOW the description and not above it?
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Your item description and store does show up when searching by description but is as you say by item number. The database will probably refresh soon.
I reposted the listing this morning. So there are TWO listings for the same item. The correct listing, and the mysterious listing that is missing all the information, just the picture of the item.

I can't get rid of the mystery listing. eBay says the item number doesn't exist! LOL It is showing up on my Auctiva Store and you can click on it, it's and eBay listing alright. I'm tempted to have someone bid on the item for me just to see what would happen.

Is that the item in question? It appears for me just fine. Probably just took eBay a bit to start displaying. They have lots of databases and servers on their backend and it takes minutes (sometimes hours) for all the data to sync up.

I suppose our Warning message isn't too insightful to you. Duplicate UUID Warnings mean the item was already listed, this is confirmed by eBay as this message actually comes directly from eBay. If they say it is listed then it is listed Wink

Btw, notice that UUID messages are "Warnings", not "Errors". Anything that is a Warning doesn't stop your listing from going to eBay. It still posts just fine, but we warn you that certain notable events happened along the way.
That's the listing. I still can't cancel it, even tried to communicate with eBay on this, but they say everything is OK and to clear my cache. Yea, sure.

I did figure out WHY it did this. If you create a listing and then go back and click load a profile, it leaves your pics in the viewer, but they don't load that way when posting, it only loads the first picture and dumps the description. Why the description stayed in the editor window is beyond me, but I suspect that you have compatibility issues with Mozilla Firefox. I have noticed intermittant problems so far that go away when I switch from my Yahoo (SBC) Browser and use IE. Some tech might want to look into this.

I've only got one profile stored and it is the master profile that I used.
What I did:
Created Listing
Uploaded Pictures
Forgot to load profile, so hit the load icon.

The first time I did this, I didn't preview the ad, just sent to scheduled post. That was the mystery listing. Then I did the same thing again, but previewed the ad and noticed that it dumped all, including the description, but the first picture. The previously filled in info still remained in the viewer and that is why I didn't catch it the first time.

Why I can't cancel the listing on eBay is beyond me, but it is on their end I imagine. Tech support there says all is OK. To bad you can't scream at an email eh?

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