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Hi all,

Four of our templates were changed last night due to issues with black text on black backgrounds, which was causing confusion for some new users.

Unfortunately, the change was made without checking to see if people were using the black background templates as they should, with white text on a black background.

We plan on reverting back to the original version later today on three of these templates.

Here's the update:

Collectibles2 has been permantely changed.


All of those three will be changed back to how they were before sometime later today.

If you use any of the above templates, please preview your saved listings and make sure that everything looks okay before posting.

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The best thing to do is log onto your Auctiva account, and from the saved listings page, check your listing in question and then hit "preview".

If the auction looks different than you'd expect it to, you may want to choose a different template until we revert back to how it should be.

Normally it's fine to use white text on a black background. Although I will say that some users have ended up with black text on black because they didn't know how to change their text to white. Which is what led us to making some changes to hopefully not confuse people.


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