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I am trying to customize the colors for my store window. When I go to the editor, there is no black option avaliable, however I can use the hexidecimal entry boxes. But when I put 0x000000 (Black) into the boxes for any sections, the preview reloads with the default colors instead of black. Any idea if this is possible or is black turned off or something?
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Make sure you have the radio button marked " Custom" selected. It's location is just below the link "Hide Advanced Color Options" One more thing if you choose to "Save Changes" it will not refresh the store window view, you would then have to select "Update Preview" to see the change. If you choose to select "Update Preview" first, then once you have finished make sure to select "Save Changes" in order for this to be your store color scheme.
I think I know what the problem is. The "navigation button inactive" state is misunderstood. For instance looking at the store window, if you see the "play" button this is "inactive". Try changing the "navigation button inactive" to a different color altogether and then preview. Look at the play button to see the color change. The "navigation button active" is basically the color that shows up in the middle of either the play or pause button during a rollover. Hope this has all been useful. Cheers.
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I am glad you have had this problem. We have discovered that using Firefox as a browser, that if you select a color from our chooser area then that corresponding area tries to display the color in RGB. This should not be happening. It needs to display in Hex format. So if this is the case for you then you currently have two options:1. Use IE, 2. Use a Firefox but make sure to enter a hex number for the color you wish to use. We are working on a fix for this issue.

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