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Just curious on your thoughts about putting bidding requirements on a listing, which I see someone else wrote about and the response was this could only be done through eBay. It is my understanding that you can block a bidder with certain level of negative feedback, etc. Does this have to be set up prior to posting listing. I have two bidders that seem to be battling it out with bids and one has a -1 feedback score and positive feedback of 49%! and the other a feedback score of 2 with positive of 66%. Would you recommend trying to remove these bidders or set up to have these kinds of bidders blocked. I'm still new, and certainly don't want to get burned especially on a big listing. Thanks.
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I fully understand where you are coning from on this one as we have been done a few times! We have now placed a restriction for those that have received 2 Unpaid Item strikes in the last 30 days. Some people block anyone that has not got paypal but I think you would be doing more harm than good if you did this! If I where you I would set this up now, it will give you some sort of peace of mind.

If you wish to do this you need to go to your “My Ebay” the click on my account “Preferences” Then under the heading of Selling Preferences click on Buyer requirements. Then make any change there and save and that is that!
Hope this has been of some help and good luck with your listings!
Ok, I will make the changes in "My eBay, Preferences" so I won't have to worry about this in the future. Once a listing is up, can these changes be implemented or is it too late? Someone recommended contacting them to tell them of the policies I have in my listing and that payment would have to be made immediately and if not, a non paying bidder would be filed, items could be re-listed, make second chance offer, etc. I did contact both of them and told them I would need to hear back from them so that I wouldn't cancel their bids. They both responded and would like to continue their bidding. One hasn't purchased anything in over a year and the other gave me an explanation. I told them I would give them the benefit of doubt, but if they won the auction, immediate payment would need to be made.

Well, hope this works out. Thanks

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