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Hi Lara,

You can have Auctiva add borders with "Image Borders" enabled in Account Settings. That will work for either the [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag or the individual image tags, like [IMAGE1].

If you are using the URL tags or your own weblink, you could use a CSS inline style, e.g.

<img src="http://mydomain/filename.jpg" style="border: solid 3px; border-color:#000000;">

That example adds a 3 pixel black border, which obviously gives you the flexibility of width and a choice for color.

I just about to post a notification on this board with regards borders and found this one.

Danno with regards your reply. Please excuse I am totally illiterate with pcs, can you advise me in idiot terms.

I currently have a template that was made for me by a template designer which I use all the time. I too have wanted a border put around my images. It looks like I may have to do it html unless there is a another way. Do you have the html code that I can just cut and paste and put it where I should and where should I put it., do I put it before where it says Image 1 Image 2 and so on?

Also I am hoping for a quite thickish border.

Thank you ever so much.
Hi laracaz,

To use that code I supplied, you'd need to use one of the URL tags, e.g. [IMAGE1_URL400x300] provides an embed link to the Auctiva stored 400x300 pic. Using my prior example, the code would look like this:

<img src="[IMAGE1_URL400x300]" style="border: solid 3px; border-color:#000000;">

The template editor page has the list of image tags at lower left on the page (Choose Image Type: drop-down list). There are also URL Tags for the stored orignal size image and the thumbnail.

Hi vintagechic,

The template editor can do limited HTML coding. Those examples I gave are using the HTML <IMG> tag to embed an image on the template page.

If you are using the Auctiva One-Page listing editor, you can use it's Toolbar function to insert an image (lower right Icon next to UserLinks), switch the editor to HTML mode, and then add that piece of Style code to get the border color and thinkness you want. If you need help with color codes, try typing some text on the lister and change it's color to the one you want, then switch to HTML mode to see what the 6-digit code number is.

Hope that helps you both.


Edit: Oh, and to get thicker borders, just increase the pixel width, e.g. 10px is 10 pixels.
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