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This suggestion may seem a bit superficial compared to other posts I have read regarding problems that need fixing; however, I would like to suggest that Auctiva provide new themes for use in our auctions.

The established themes are nice but are a little played out and the section where it says "download other themes" does not provide very much selection either.

Presentation is a considerable feature in any auction and the addition of new updated themes would be a welcome enhancement to your program.
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I have about 750 themes (counting all the Christmas themes that I don't use all year round) and most of them are just variations of each other.

Every couple of months I get tired of my backgrounds, of which I have many, and go out hunting new backgrounds and clipart. I don't use too much clipart because I use so many clips of what I'm selling on the auction, but I use 1 or 2 on each auction.

Fortunately I've been collecting midis since I got my first computer about six (?) years ago, so I have a TON to choose from, but ever so often I go searching out some new ones.

I enjoy putting new stuff together; it's the main reason I use Poster, because I can put things on my auctions that the people who aren't lucky enough to have it CAN'T do. It's amazing how well people respond to an auction with good artwork and music. They may not buy your stuff, but they'll write appreciative email. Sometimes that means just about as much...almost Wink

It's real easy once you get the hang of it. The first one will have you tearing your hair, but after that it is easy. I cheat. I take one of the Auctiva themes that I sorta like and then modify it and save it as a new theme.

I just posted 17 auctions last night with my new Christmas theme that I made. I've got others with custom backgrounds, etc. It's nice to be able to have a theme that not everyone else using Auctiva is also using.

Just don't put too much bells and whistles on it or it will be slow loading. Big Grin

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