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Hello guys

I just signed up for Auctiva Elite and anxious to bring and expand my business to eBay witht he help of Auctiva.

Until today, I only lsited/sold a handful of items on eBay, in which case I manually created the lsiting, added an image, and listed it

I now have over 120,000 SKUs I want to slowly bring over to eBay and start listing them.

My problem is, I cannot figure how to create those listings.

For example:
If I have a template, can It automaticcally input the title and description for me?
I have my product feed which has columns Razzrice description (just plain text, no theme or html), image, title, etc.

How can I create say, 25000 listings in one go without having to manually edit the HTML code for each temple with its own uniqie description? I cannot figure it out Frown

Thank you!
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Hi sk8pat777 -

you would need to get your items into a file in .csv format and then use the uploading tool from the Listings menu of your account to upload a spreadsheet with your item data on it. If you format the file in TurboLister format, you can import it directly into your account as our system can map that format directly. If you are not using that format (essentially the column headings used by TurboLister) you would then need to map the columns as you were importing so that the information could translate to saved listings.

Unfortunately, there is no way to import data into saved listings directly from your feed - you would need the data in a spreadsheet to upload it to your Auctiva account.

If you have specific questions regarding the creation of such a file, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and we'll be happy to assist you with that.

- Craig

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